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What are Sisterlocks®?
Sisterlocks® is a natural hair-care management system that allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of hairstyles without altering the natural texture of their hair. Over 25 years ago, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and French at San Diego State University, founded her trademarked company. She researched African-descended cultures worldwide and understood how deeply hair issues relate to cultural identity. Sisterlocks® is an invitation to women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self-expression, to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and healthy for tightly textured hair. 


How long does it take to Establish/install Sisterlocks®?
Depending upon the length and characteristics of your hair, the initial install can take 12 - 30+ hrs. This is the only time sitting this long will be necessary for services.

How often will I need to have my HAIR retightened?
New growth must be addressed every 4 - 8 weeks, depending on your stage of loc development, your hair's unique characteristics, and how fast it grows. You will be provided with a recommended interval that takes all of these things into consideration. Waiting longer than the recommended retightening interval may result in more expensive and longer retightenings, inconsistent loc development, thinning, breakage, slippage, and/or matting.

How long do retightening appointments last?
Retightening appointment lengths varies based on the number of locs installed, how long it has been since your last retightening, how quickly your hair grows, stage of loc development (whether or not there are other concerns like slippage). Gridloc'd Roots  Studio retightening times are generally 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours with clients on a 4 - 8 week interval, with appointments at the interval recommended for their hair. 

Can I get Sisterlocks® with permed hair or heat-damaged hair?
Yes. Sisterlocks® are installed on the new growth, not the permed hair or heat damaged portions, so transitioning clients can start with as little as one and one half inches of new growth. Sometimes preservation of length helps clients with shorter hair to transition to Sisterlocks® and to begin their natural hair journey.  As your locs grow, the permed/damaged portion of your hair can slowly be cut away until nothing but healthy Sisterlocks® are left. If your hair is long enough to braid and band effectively (4 inches or more), and length is not important to you, you can choose to trim off the permed or heat damaged portions before establishment.  

Why is braiding and banding so important and when can I stop?
The hair takes time to develop into mature locs, and this time varies depending upon your individual hair characteristics.  While your locs are developing, special precautions must be taken whenever your hair will be saturated (shampooing, swimming, etc.) to protect the woven framework put in during establishment. Effective braiding and banding during this time is key, along with use of the Sisterlocks® Starter Shampoo. It is specially formulated to help roughen the cuticles along the hair shaft, is thin enough to rinse cleanly, and encourages the natural locking process. It should be used exclusively until your locs settle. In order to achieve your desired result, following your loctician's professional's advice will be necessary to maintain the integrity of your locs. 

What is the difference between Sisterlocks® and Traditional locks?
Sisterlocks® are considerably smaller, and installed using a detailed parting structure, producing more locs that allows endless styling options - there are no oils, gels or waxes used. Qualified Sisterlocks® professionals use a patented tool to establish and retighten your Sisterlocks®.  Traditional locs tend to be larger and may require gel, or a softening agent to palm roll. With this procedure, traditional locs may attract lint in the loc itself. Additionally, due to the diameter of traditional locs, as they get longer, they may also get heavier.

Will Sisterlocks® damage or thin my hair?
Quite the opposite, Sisterlocks® incorporates a woven pattern that makes the hair extremely resilient. No chemicals, beeswax, or gels used to establish or maintain the locs (when performed as trained by the Sisterlocks® Home Office), therefore the scalp and hair have the ideal environment to thrive and restore itself naturally. With Sisterlocks® you may actually experience hair growth in areas that had once stopped growing altogether.


What is settling?
When your Sisterlocks® are established, your baby locs will have a beautiful woven pattern that many assume are braids. These baby locs take time to develop into mature locs.  Special precautions must be taken when sleeping, working out and shampooing to minimize slippage until settlement occurs. After several months locs will settle and be less prone to slippage. One sign of settling is when your locs starts to look more like uniform matted locs and less like braids. The settling phase is different for each individual and is based on their unique hair characteristics.  The settling in period can range from 3 months to a year, and sometimes longer.


Can I color my hair before I get Sisterlocks®?
Yes, you can color your hair prior to your install/establishment . Please note that  color can alter your natural texture, making baby locs more prone to slippage before settlement, and also to breakage -- especially when you are going lighter in shade. After establishment, it is not advised that you color your hair again until after your locs have settled.

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